Cost Estimates

To get current costs for shooting in Turkey, please contact us if you have a project in mind. We will be happy to forward you guidelines and prices based on your layouts and the kind of locations you are after. Shooting in Turkey enables you to save up to 50% or more on costs in comparision to the current rates of the USD, EURO and UK Pound.

Equipment Rental

Bomonty offers a wide selection of equipment to rent in or out of studio as Sinar Digital System, Large/Medium format cameras, Nikon Digital SLR’s, Flash, HMI and Tungstene Lighting and accessories.


Bomonty works with a number of experienced casting agents in Istanbul and Turkey. The pool of acting talents available includes experienced professional drama actors, models and extras, represented by actors’ or models’ agents. Rates are competitive and terms flexible, with negotiable buyout deals.

Location Scouts & Permits

Bomonty works with experienced and competent location scouts in Turkey to find and photograph specific locations. All scouts work on digital format enabling to send the making sending information fast and accessible. We also have reference files of locations to assist with concept ideas.
We are experienced at negotiating appropriate fees with both private and public location owners and we ensure that the proper permits for locations are obtained.
If you have a specific location to find, please send us a quick email so we can get back to you with more ideas.


Turkey offers a wide range of accommodation to fit your requirements: Motels, Boutique Hotels, Country Lodges, 5 Star Hotels are available throughout Turkey to make feel at home while on location.